Experience has taught us that good communication between your company and our service team is the basis for a truly successful relationship.

Understanding your philosophies and financial requirements gives us the foundation for applying current market conditions into an effective employee benefit program. Knowing you have access to discuss any situation, whether legal, legislative or personal with a team of individuals that have spent their professional careers dealing with similar issues with companies just like yours, will provide the support in making the right decisions for your company.

Each client of AccesseHR has a team of designated people responsible for building the communication, trust and value in our relationship. Your Account Executive is responsible both directly and indirectly for your satisfaction overall. If you are ever dissatisfied with any aspect of our relationship, you can go to your Account Executive for resolution. The Account Executives main duty is to provide an understanding of the market from all aspects. Carrier selection, types of funding arrangements, compliance, trends and industry comparisons are some of the areas you have available for guidance. Your day to day service questions and administration comes from your Account Manager. Your Account Manager provides tremendous time savings in dealing with carriers and handling the everyday questions that arise out of simply having a benefit program for employees. Our Account Managers have up to 15+ years handling and taking care of a very wide range of employers and employees. Each Account Manager has an assistant to help in providing prompt responses to your requests. Finally, your relationship with our firm is important from top to bottom. The President of our firm is available at any time to consult and work with you and your Account Executive or Account Manager on any issues you wish. We truly believe in giving total access to all of the assets of our firm.

Our clients tell us that what they most appreciate about us is the following:

  • Personable, accessible, and competent staff to support your requirements
  • Integrated, competitive, and feature-rich suite of applications
  • Pricing that is fair and provides a powerful value equation
  • Training, both to your own staff, and employees where appropriate
  • After sale support is what distinguishes us and provides high retention rates
  • Accessibility to a real person, not a call center, fosters continuity

As we have expanded from employee benefits to adding our strategic partners for FSA and COBRA administration and HR consulting, our value to our clients continues to strengthen. We invite you to contact us to see if there might be a way we can serve your needs as well.