Human Resources Solution Concepts
Human Resource Support

AccesseHR can bring you all of your Human Resource Consulting needs to add alongside your Employee Benefits Package.

Effective human resource management is about time and retention. With employment regulations and court decisions changing at such a rapid rate, obtaining human resources expertise is undoubtedly becoming more important to you. It is difficult to stay informed on government actions that affect your business, let alone to remain in legal compliance. Companies are dealing with expensive litigation resulting from failed attempts to deal with The Americans with Disabilities Act, sexual harassment charges and various other discrimination complaints.

AccesseHR has absolute confidence in our ability to provide the HR support your company needs. To prove this, we provide the following to all of our clients from the start

  • We will conduct a full review of your human resources programs and your compliance efforts to find a HR program that fits your needs best
  • We will provide you with a comprehensive action plan that outlines what and who, if anything, needs to be brought in to bring you to legal compliance and make the people side of your business work more efficiently.

Once you have seen what we and our partners can do for your organization, you can stop worrying about the legal compliance issues and focus on your core competence – effectively running your business. We are business people first and human resources professionals second. This means that any program or policy we recommend will be directly beneficial to your business and geared towards bottom line results.

Human Resources Solutions

We are dedicated to helping companies provide the human resources and compliance they need in a fast, cost effective manner. We are not a consulting firm as you have probably come to know them. We work closely with you to assess your human resources and compliance needs. We then take responsibility to ensure that those needs are met.

Because companies vary greatly, we have developed three separate, cost-effective approaches to provide you with the level of support you need.

Turn Key HR

This program helps you to establish your own Human Resources department. Our HR support center provides administrators with a wide array of HR related best practice articles, legislative resources, & other self help tools & videos.  A full policy library is available through the support center, as well as a wide variety of templates for employee handbooks, job descriptions, forms, checklists and letters.

On Demand Approach

This level of service provides additional support through on demand HR professional consultations.  In addition to the HR resource library, you will have unlimited access to a phone and email HR Hotline available to answer any of your HR questions directly.  This service will also include mandatory sexual harassment training videos as well as a live one on one employee handbook consultation.

Full Service HR

Our partners assume responsibility of your HR and compliance programs at a fraction of the cost of a full time professional.  A full HR audit is conducted to start and an internal HR program is developer.  Once the program has been developed, it will be fully implemented and supported on a day to day basis.  Those services include leave administration, performance management, employee relations and recruiting and payroll administration

Who Needs HR Help

If you have anywhere between 5-250 employees, you often can not justify a full time Human Resources professional at a total cost with fringes and support that may exceed over $100,000 annually. As a member of management, you should be producing, marketing and selling your products or services. You should not be spending an inordinate amount of time studying government regulations, attempting to solve Human Resources problems.