We believe that no one should go without coverage

Aligning with this philosophy, AccesseHR works with our clients to help cover everyone, even those outside of the employee benefits program. As an added service to our clients, we offer all of our individual services, which include:

All of which can be handled online, over the phone, or in-person.

With healthcare constantly evolving and changing, it’s especially difficult to work out what would be best to choose alone. AccesseHR truly works to grant total Access to individual healthcare in a way everyone can understand.

Senior-Specific Services

Medicare, like many government programs, can be hard to decipher. We provide help with all Medicare eligible individuals to not only find, but understand the best Medicare plan. Having your eligible employees enroll in Medicare could drastically reduces the cost of your employee benefits program.

Retiree Healthcare Analysis

Whether your retiring before you are Medicare eligible or not, AccesseHR can provide an in depth look into your available health care coverage options.  Everyone’s retirement goals are different, and health care costs and coverage can be a major factor in that decision.

For more on Healthcare in Retirement, please listen to our Podcast interview on this subject:

Healthcare in Retirement