Additional Products

  • Payroll
  • EAP
  • Workers Compensation
  • 401K

Individual & Senior Products

  • Individual Medical (Direct & Covered CA)
  • Medicare Supplement, Advantage & Rx

The ultimate design of your group plan will be integrated with your company’s philosophy of employee benefits. This often overlooked step is sometimes the result of basing selection solely on price. While price is a valid and determining factor, the AccesseHR process will help guide clients to solutions that will support their benefits philosophy.

We work with all employee benefit insurance carriers in all market segments.  Also, our focus also extends beyond the insurer, as we partner with the best payroll vendors and third party administrators in the country.  AccesseHR gives our clients the full benefit picture.

Why Employee Benefits?

Maintain you human capital.

  • Retaining and recruiting quality employees is important for any business.  Offering an effective benefits package does exactly this

Why A Broker?

  • No added broker fees
  • We deal with the carriers
  • Puts a face to your benefits

What Makes us Unique

  • We value personalized relationships with our clients
  • Being a service oriented firm, every client received a benefits desk administrator to help with all your employee benefits questions and issues.
  • Our capabilities span outside of California, extending into the rest of the United States and even internationally
We Are a Full Service Brokerage
  • Comprehensive client data setup and discovery
  • Claims assistance/adjudication
  • Coordinated enrollment meetings
  • Drafting of employee benefit communications and descriptions
  • Oversight of the administrative process and issues
  • Renewal preparation and strategic forecasting
  • Product and service evaluation and pricing comparisons
  • Vendor selection and oversight
  • Providing web based technology for benefit communication
  • Outsourcing of services to strategic partners
  • Property & Casualty review and workers compensation
  • Executive benefits
  • Legislative updates and analysis