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I want a benefits program that works for our employees, as well as our budget

Companies are working hard to balance offering attractive employee benefit programs that help attract and retain good employees while dealing with how to handle the rising costs associated with many of these programs within the fiscal constraints of today’s ever competitive marketplace.

Employees each year are being asked to shoulder more of the financial costs of their benefit programs.  Now, with concerns rising over the long term stability of social security, employees are looking to their employers even more as an important source of their financial security.

Human Resource departments are being asked to manage the implementation and communication of various plans and services offered to employees while trying to stay in compliance with an ever increasing number of laws, rules and regulations issued by federal, state and local authorities.

The end result can lead to a process in which employers and employees feel they are losing control and the HR staff feels bogged down trying to manage the ever increasing paper chase.

Organizations are seeking solutions that will help them control the process, bring efficiency and are cost effective.

AccesseHR is dedicated to providing the solutions clients are seeking.

Who We Are

AccesseHR Insurance Services is an independent insurance brokerage located in Walnut Creek, California. Our expertise spans over 25 years in the employee benefit market.

What We Do

Our primary focus is to advise, aid, and implement an effective employee benefit program for businesses large to small. Staying with you the whole way